Connecting people and products with purpose

Owens Corning is known for its PINK® Fiberglas™ insulation. But with an impressive offering backed by industry-leading R&D, its insulation solutions are anything but fluff. We helped the world’s most recognized insulation brand to reposition its expanding portfolio in a way that’s simple, relevant and connected.


The opportunity

With an expanding product portfolio and a corporate brand update underway, it was the perfect time to revisit the residential insulation story—and take things to a whole new level.

The Process

We flipped the script to focus on how building pros work and people live today, then connected them to all the ways Owens Corning insulating products can improve their experience on the job and at home.

we delivered

A clear, purposeful brand story connects the insulation pioneer’s portfolio of products, to show how they impact the lives of those who spec, sell, install and enjoy them every day.

When homes are built better, people live better.

Our whole-home solutions are inspired by the ways people live today and engineered to help make homes safe, quiet, comfortable and energy-smart.

Because we understand that where you live affects the way you live. At Owens Corning, we don’t just make insulation. We make home a better place to be.

A new value proposition and pillars unite many diverse initiatives, products, channels and audiences with a common purpose.


lead better

Challenge industry and internal assumptions to continually create and offer the best insulating solutions available.

build better

Deliver value beyond our products, elevating builders and contractors with expert tools, training and support.

live better

Improve the lives of homeowners by delivering exceptional safety, comfort, confidence and sustainability.


The Owens Corning Material Difference Home™

This interactive 3D home serves as a storytelling device to show how Owens Corning products work together help improve the way homes feel and perform every day.

simple solutions that make a material difference in the way you live every day.


Memorable, relevant language focuses on end-user benefits, making it easier for builders and installers to share the story with their customers.

Sales Playbook

To share out the new brand story with internal teams, we created a comprehensive playbook with at-a-glance information, customer case studies and sales resources.


I love this approach. It’s completely us, but better. People see it and they just get it.

Director of Marketing Insulation and Retail, Owens Corning Insulation

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