seminars and speaking engagements

Interrupt brings over 30 years of experience in strategic branding and marketing to the building product, home improvement and home enjoyment markets. Our team includes industry-leading strategists, branding experts, sales and business specialists, and digital and social thought leaders. We spend much of our time in front of audiences large and small, helping one company — or several at a time — outperform their competitors.

where we speak:

Our seminars or speaking engagements include:

  • Industry conferences or trade shows
  • Association conferences
  • Corporate leadership meetings
  • Corporate sales meetings
  • Customer events
  • Universities

what we speak on:

As the industry knowledge leader and expert, it’s our responsibility to ensure our topics are relevant to the industry today as well as to the challenges or opportunities of the participants of the event we are speaking at.

categories and topics include:

  • Creating a Killer CX (Customer Experience)(from the book written by Bill Rossiter)
  • Diverge - Stand out in a Sea of Sameness (from the book written by Bill Rossiter)
  • The Impact of Strong EX (Employee Experience)
  • Optimizing Business Performance
  • Enhancing Business Performance in the New Normal
  • Disrupting Your Business — Before Someone Else Does
  • Extraordinary Branding & Engagement
  • Creating a Dramatically Differentiated Brand
  • Leveraging the Digital & Social Evolution
  • Organizational Excellence
  • The Power of Aligning Sales & Marketing
  • The New Age of Salesmanship

our speakers:

  • Bill Rossiter: CEO/Principal
  • Anita Holman: Executive Creative Director/Brand Strategist

To discuss speaking opportunities with Interrupt, please contact us.