stand out in a sea of sameness

A business book written by Interrupt’s CEO, Bill Rossiter. Order your copy now, and remember to order copies for your team.


Bill Rossiter has helped hundreds of companies outperform their industry by challenging them to think and act differently. In Diverge, he reveals unique techniques to improve branding, strategic planning, team engagement and business profits. The powerful yet practical insights packed into this easy-to-read book have the potential to dramatically transform your organization’s culture and profitability, and enhance your own leadership.

184 pages
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A Few Endorsements

Rossiter is right on point with Diverge. Successful businesses don’t emerge from the “sea of sameness” without a clear understanding of their right to exist. The difference between successful and marginal companies is not the elegant words put on paper, it’s understanding, investing, and leveraging a uniqueness that the market values.

Dan Piche’, Vice President – Business Development, ABC Supply

Diverge is a simple, concise yet powerful business book with strong takeaways. This book serves leaders with a constant reminder to challenge status quo thinking to push the performance of the team and business. It has timeless learnings that serves as a continual “gut check” for thought leadership. Mandatory reading for any business, sales or operational team.

Robbe Pearson, Senior Director of Marketing, Continental Building Products

Bill has been a thought leader in the industry for several years, and I have seen the strategies he outlines in Diverge work wonders in a sometimes stagnant industry. Bill’s team always talks about being comfortable with being uncomfortable, which is what many industries and companies need. Diverge brings principles to life that any company large or small can truly benefit from. A must-read for any leader/manager of any team or process

Renee Chesler, Senior Sales Manager, Andersen Corporation