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Ready to drive momentum for your brand? Is it time to start optimizing your business performance? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Our workshops are designed to help you conquer your unique business objectives. Check out all the details below or if you're ready to get started, email today.

current workshops

brand dna workshop

How strong is your brand? It’s your foundation for sustainable business results. In this workshop, we guide you through our BrandPath™ Process, creating stepping stones for your brand’s new vision and voice, and a unique and powerful industry position.

customer experience workshop

Today’s customers value the experience your brand offers, even more than the products you sell. Building loyal customers goes way beyond product. Through our CX JourneyPath™ Mapping process, we work with you to understand your customers’ needs, identify conversion triggers, and develop a customized JourneyPath Map—a streamlined customer experience plan for enabling long-term loyalty and increased profits.

channel strategy workshop

How sound is your channel strategy? A well-defined strategy dramatically increases profitability. In this workshop, we help you identify your unique MarketPath™ Process and create a strategy for each channel you serve to leverage opportunities and mitigate threats to your business.

scenario planning workshop

How full-proof is your strategy? This workshop helps you prioritize actions so you’re ready to execute no matter the competitive reaction. The ScenarioPath™ Process helps test your strategy’s resiliency and develop strong contingency plans — enhancing your chance for success.