scenario planning workshop

Every day, your competitors are looking for ways to beat you. Attacking your latest product introduction with a price move. Countering your recent territory or channel moves with an acquisition of another brand in the same space. When these moments occur, all too often, your team is thrust into reaction mode.

Let us help you identify potential threats to your plans and create concise actions that will keep your brand strategies on track and your team focused on your goals. Scenario planning can be helpful whenever key strategic decisions, like the examples below, are being made.

  • Annual or bi-annual corporate strategic planning process
  • Developing marketing plans for a new brand or product launch
  • Entering a new territory, or when you have a specific share gain strategy (geographic, channel, etc.)
  • After your brand has lost share to a competitor or new/adjacent brand
  • Analyzing or finalizing an acquisition or when corporate goals translate to growth that is significantly higher than analysts expected CAGR’s

The Scenario Planning session is a must-use tool to fortify and help risk-proof your annual strategic planning process. Forecasting, market forces, trends and competition will change, so we’re here to make sure you have a plan for each of those scenarios to enhance your probability of success.

your takeaway

Your customized scenario plan will prioritize a range of potential future conditions and help your team prioritize between what actions needed to be taken today (or contingency planned for) to protect your true competitive advantage and help you identify which potential situations to consistently monitor.

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