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We’re taking industry insights to a new level in these interactive webinars. We’ve partnered with powerhouse brands like Houzz and Architizer to help you connect with your target audience through strategic shifts in your marketing efforts or by simply shaking up the way you communicate out to the marketplace. Choose a session below to get in the know.

getting your products selected by homebuilders

Homebuilders are placing more demands and expectations on their suppliers and manufacturers than ever before. And on top of their ever growing needs, they’re pretty resistant to adopting new products. Why change when what they’re currently using is working? In this webinar, we focus on how manufacturers can address these challenges and discuss new ways to reach builders using Houzz.

learn how to get your product specified by an architect

For many building products companies, engaging the architectural community is a critical part of their path to market. For others, it’s a missed opportunity, due primarily to a lack of understanding of how to leverage this channel. We will explore the challenges manufacturers face in engaging this community and define opportunities on how to be more successful in getting your product specified.