we've got your back at the industry's biggest tradeshows

Need help sourcing information on your biggest competitors and gathering intel that can only come from a professional perspective? Consider hiring a member of our skilled team to perform an expert competitor assessment — whether you’re there or not.

interrupt® Show Intel program

Show Intel includes the following

  • Track up to 4 competitors of your choosing
  • Overview of new products introduced at the show
  • Key messaging points/focus areas in the booth
  • Booth pictures and videos, dimensions, placement, events
  • Sponsorships and presentation/engagement activities outside of booth
  • Capture ads in key pubs attached to the show
  • Press kit handed out at the show, any additional press releases during show
  • Interview booth representative(s)
  • Building science, product application and design trends summary
  • Track post-show follow-up efforts (30-90 days)
  • Full report out document that includes summaries of above and broad overview assessment related to your industry
  • track up to 4 competitors of your choosing
  • overview of new products introduced at the show

Tradeshows are a valuable source of competitive intelligence, but your team is often too busy or too obvious to gather it systematically. Your teams are known faces, your badges are a dead giveaway and besides that, you need to focus on your booth traffic, customer dinners and events.

show intel was born out of the needs of our clients a couple of years ago, and is an economical way to:

  • “See” where the competitions’ efforts are going to center for the coming year, and beyond
  • Get a side-by-side comparison of key competitor’s strengths and weaknesses at the show
  • Identify new or emerging trends that may be forming in your industryFind differentiating ways to stand out in upcoming shows, making your shows even more productive and valuable to your sales and branding efforts

Contact us to inquire about reserving our show intel services for your upcoming event.