leading from the front

Just because your product has been around for decades doesn't mean it's old school. Here's how we helped the most trusted brand in the industry launch the next generation of fiberglass insulation.


The opportunity

New tech delivered notable improvements to Owens Corning's flagship PINK® FiberglasTM insulation line. Our task: Recast a well-known product in a new light for today's hard-to-impress audiences.

Our process

Merge input from R&D, marketing, sales and real customers to understand the most meaningful benefits, back them up with real data and craft it all into a deep and wide storytelling strategy.

We delivered

A creative approach that feels familiar and yet fresh. Plus a robust marketing toolset designed to empower conversations and win fans today, while laying the foundation for future innovation.

changing the perception of fiberglass

When you're the industry's most recognized brand, it can be hard to change perceptions. For instance, PINK Next GenTM FiberglasTM feels soft, not scratchy. But audiences need to see and feel to believe. The team combined product samples, blind touch tests, user interviews, and even microscopic photography to demonstrate the new product's "soft-as-cotton" texture.


A people-purposed approach

This story is not just about the product, but also the kind of person who chooses it. People who install insulation care about different things than the people who live with it behind their walls. So we developed a framework with the flexibility to emphasize what matters most to each audience.


what's in a name?

The team chose a name that highlights Owens Corning’s heritage as the inventor of “Fiberglas” as well as its current role as industry innovator. This simple, intuitive update signals that there's a significant step-change in the product, while leveraging the power of its existing brand equity.


covering every angle

The first-ever home to be insulated with PINK Next GenTM FiberglasTM insulation was the perfect place to capture real contractor reactions, plus fresh new video and photography to represent the next generation of builders, contractors and homeowners.


success is in the cards

Faster install is great, but what does that really mean? We turned time trial data into infographics with bottom line numbers contractors can appreciate. A set of demo cards makes it easy for the sales team to custom-tailor conversations to each customer. QR codes make video content easy to access on any device.

something for everyone

To support conversations through the entire sales channel, we captured key benefits in customizable eye-catching print and digital materials for dealers, builders, contractors and homebuyers.

buzz in a box

To help get the word out, we gifted sales reps, stakeholders and influencers with customized launch kits featuring a product sample, literature and branded swag.


signs everywhere

We created a selection of mix-and-matchable environmental graphics means the sales team is always show-ready.

public relations

extra! extra!

Thanks to our PR push, PINK Next Gen™ Fiberglas™ is popping up on popular TV and radio shows, influential podcasts and industry publications.

To a person, the Interrupt team is fun to work with and committed to delivering extraordinary quality. Your team just gets us, even before we get ourselves.

Director of Marketing and Home Center Strategy, Owens Corning Residential Insulation

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