Turning cold hard facts into marketing magic

No smoke and mirrors—MagicPak creates more space for amenities (almost) out of thin air! We used real data to build a focused brand strategy and paired it with a fresh visual approach to help MagicPak show the very real impact of its HVAC system across the entire building lifecycle.


the challenge

To claim share in growing sunbelt markets, MagicPak sought to get noticed and win specification with a new group of architects and developers.

our process

The whole-building benefits were buried in engineering speak, which meant they were easy to overlook. Our team dove deep to uncover audience triggers, then reframed the MagicPak story to put those insights into action.

we delivered

A laser-focused marketing strategy with unique positioning and visuals designed to connect with the target audiences, all proven with extensive validation research.


owning a bold new look

Forward-thinking. Innovative. Dynamic. With a simplified wordmark and a bold airflow symbol, this logo evolution better reflects the future of the brand and the dynamic, modern architectural designs that MagicPak systems can inspire.


One Choice. Greater Impact.

Brand Pillars

owning their expertise

When you’re first to market, you get to have some swagger. That’s why we recommended they go all-in on using the All-In-One branded term for their products, helping them own their category and solidify their leadership position.

unique positioning, tested and proven

Not only did the new messaging pass the internal taste test, it also went through independent validation with our target audience. The results? Well, see for yourself.

Ease of Understanding


Likelihood to Consider


a winning story: optimize every step of the building lifecycle

Architects want creative freedom. Developers want a faster time to occupancy. Owners want design solutions that maximize rental value and minimize maintenance. Residents want more amenities and quiet, comfortable living space. We built a brand story that shows how MagicPak is one simple choice that eliminates traditional constraints to help everyone get what they want.

Unlock up to 5,400 square feet for value-added amenities


from informational to aspirational

MagicPak allows developers to open up more outdoor social and recreation areas in their buildings. We brought in more lifestyle and aspirational designs to their photography approach to create an emotional connection that goes beyond the product.

sales tools

capturing every angle

Blending a documentary approach with high-end cinematography, we asked experts to walk us through the ways MagicPak helps them at different steps of planning and construction.

Interrupt always brings great insight and value and challenges our assumptions in constructive ways that lead us to be better.

Director of Marketing, Allied Air

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