amplifying awareness through pro contractor voices

Pros love SPAX. We're talking real fans. The brand was sitting on a goldmine of loyalty, but they needed an engagement strategy to help powerfully connect customers to the brand. We made it happen. We helped uncover genuine voices that turned prospective users into loyalists, and drove preference for SPAX all across the country.


the opportunity

According to pros, there's no going back to any other screw once you try SPAX Engineered Fasteners. Customers know the value and benefits in the product. We couldn't ignore the dozens of authentic statements rolling in on the daily. SPAX needed a structure to leverage, grow and sustain their already solid community.

the process

We developed a tiered influencer program to recruit, onboard and nurture pro contractors. This approach allowed us to build a strong community first. Then, we began to engage and leverage the most dedicated contractors, gaining deep insights around products, projects and applications while offering a personalized customer experience.

we delivered

In the first year, our structured influencer program resulted in 200 new members and 160 user generated videos. Today the SPAX Crew is an organized community for pros. They share insights, projects, product feedback, plus plenty of laughs. And, all members get a personalized customer experience, with direct access through the social channels.


finding a name SPAX pros deserve

We needed an ownable name worthy of the most dedicated SPAX users. After multiple iterations and plenty of "No ways!"– we landed on the SPAX Crew. For pros that give a damn, the name highlights both benefits and brawn.

user generated content

make it easy to share support

At Interrupt, we push our clients to think beyond the obvious. We streamlined user generated content collection and have since gathered more than 160 videos highlighting testimonials, product demos, and project features.

let your brand do the talking

SPAX Crew members are diehards. Like avid sports fans, the customers fill up the SPAX inbox with requests for swag. They genuinely love showing off their support on the jobsite, in the home center and beyond.

social experience = customer experience

People love to talk directly to the brand. Personalized IG responses give customers VIP treatment. That's why we reply to every message.

a tiered influencer approach

The SPAX Crew know the fasteners inside and out. That's why we leverage their insight for R&D, feedback, and project tips. We work with social influencers of every size, giving SPAX customers a bigger stake in the brand and product.


brand collaborations create next-level results

Nothing beats word-of-mouth and we have the results to prove it. Our strategic approach to influencer marketing helped drive partnerships with top channels and building materials influencers across 17 different project types.

  • from 5th to 1st in social media engagement rate (the highest engagement compared to top competitors)
  • nearly 150 post saves in one year
  • 200 sign ups in the first year

drive engagement with collaborative partnerships (Matt Risinger, 450k+ views)

recruiting new SPAX loyalists

Influence goes beyond the current customer base. Our strategic approach increases engagement, hashtag circulation and project post shares to foster brand awareness.

The SPAX Crew evolution

Pros wanted a simple way to share tips and stay connected. We listened and created a private, invite-only Facebook group exclusively for the SPAX Crew.

It's not about SPAX fasteners. It's about the SPAX users, their reasons for choosing, how the SPAX Factor amplifies their experience on the job and the quality of their work. The SPAX Crew is exactly what we needed.

SPAX Marketing Director

ready to be uncomfortable?

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