a clear difference and a point of pride

When an existing brand doesn’t match up to aggressive new business goals, growth can be tricky. So we helped MI Windows and Doors lay the groundwork for a clear, consistent brand designed to carry them well into the future.

the challenge

The current brand identity didn’t reflect the integrity of MI products. The brand needed a strategic shift to better align with the true quality of their windows and their dynamic 70-year history.

the process

We took the all the best parts of their brand story and distilled them down into a cohesive look, feel and tone that rocked their world and deeply connected with builders, remodelers and homeowners.

we delivered

Today, the MI brand is confident, professional, consistent and a great reflection on the quality of their windows and doors. The reinvigorated brand is a source of pride and positively affects the way they go to market.

MI logo half
Logo creation history

brand pillars

We know that providing the best service to our customers doesn’t just mean getting it right; it means getting it right every time.

Brand pillars
brand pillars
brand pillars
MI brand guidelines
MI brand identity
MI brand identity - logo formats
MI Product imagery - photo shoot

enhanced photography

Purposeful and pristine, the photography demonstrates real-world applications through lifestyle shots and highlights features and benefits through singular, stylized shots.

product illustrations

Dynamic and stylized, the product illustrations call out key differentiating features and benefits while giving an in-depth look at new and top-selling products.

MI window cutaway - photo shoot

intuitive iconography

A series of quick-and-easy visual indicators help customers identify key product features and benefits.

MI window icons

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