a twinning brand strategy

How do you help two well-regarded brands unite cleanly under the same master brand? By leveraging their common ground. MI and Milgard already enjoyed a common set of values of deep service and dedication to quality—now all they needed was a creative plan to go to market as part of the MITER Brands family. By establishing a twin brand strategy, backed by focused messaging and a brand new look and feel, we provided the impact they needed with streamlined brand management built in.

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the challenge

MI was valued by builders for quality and service, while Milgard was best known by homeowners. They needed a strategy that would play to each brand’s strengths while resonating with all audiences equally.

our process

We interviewed team members and customers alike to understand what sets MI, Milgard and the MITER Brands family apart from the competition, and set to work crafting a brand to bring it to life.

we delivered

A streamlined dual-brand architecture designed to help the teams at MITER Brands easily manage their growing family and a new identity that elevates their dedicated, in-depth approach to customer service.

seeing double

Since Milgard was already well-known in the western U.S. and MI in the east, a dual brand strategy provided the perfect solution for bringing the two together. We helped them craft a similar look and feel to balance their business with builders and remodelers while keeping brand complexity to a minimum.


Buying windows doesn’t have to be complicated.

A flood of warm light. An effortless breeze. Slow Sunday afternoons. From morning to night, Milgard Windows and Doors offers beautiful, worry-free windows that help frame all of life’s little moments.

Brand Pillars

letting in the light

The Ray of Light graphic is a specially designed color field that resembles a beam of sunlight shining down into the image or graphic it’s used with. Its angle is a callback to legacy logo elements while also nodding to the warm light that MI and Milgard windows can bring into the home.

people before products

Typical window ads focus on the windows themselves—we wanted to emphasize the interior atmosphere they create. We used dramatic light and shadow to represent how the right windows can affect the way a home looks and feels to be in.



Launching to pros

To make a splash in the market and address their business goals, we curated unique media plans for each brand to help them reach the specific audiences they wanted to grow with.

ready to be uncomfortable?

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