taking a walk on the wild side

Ads for outdoor living products typically feature immaculate yardscapes and elaborate decks. We worked with MoistureShield to create a campaign that subverts the expected. By moving from the backyard to the backcountry, “Get Outside The Everyday” speaks to all the unique ways consumers enjoy their time outside.

The opportunity

By reframing the conversation about outdoor living, we wanted to connect with what consumers love about the outdoors, and show how MoistureShield helps provide that feeling at home.

The Process

We looked beyond the backyard for ways to disrupt expectations in the outdoor living industry while helping establish MoistureShield as the highest-performance decking brand available.

we delivered

A 360º campaign including show-stopping brand visuals, a new tagline and performance renderings that connect composite decking to the outdoor enthusiast lifestyle.

for the love of nature

We left the backyard behind and placed MoistureShield into some of the wildest places we could think of with new, show-stopping brand imagery.

not your everyday campaign

We wrote a new tagline to connect the product performance to that extreme photography. “Get Outside The Everyday” is our call to the bold, adventurous spirit inside each of us, because MoistureShield believes everyday living doesn’t have to mean an ordinary life. The campaign was then expanded with copy that played off of mundane situations.

how was it received?

One particular publication loved the ad so much they bumped it to the front pages for no extra cost. That’s a value of over $18,000.

taking a deep dive into technology

To push the story even deeper, our “360 degree protection, 365 days a year” theme celebrates the technologies working overtime to help MoistureShield products outperform the industry.

making the invisible visible

To call attention to exceptional performance characteristics, we created a series of videos to focus on the proprietary technologies working hard behind the scenes.

no matter the weather

MoistureShield technology offers better comfort and performance for sun, snow, rain and everything in between. Ad units tied to local forecasts helped highlight unique features for every kind of weather.

bringing it all together

Larger-than-life hero images at IBS 2022 made for the perfect new campaign launching pad.


Just in June: Over 55 million digital campaign impressions, up 89% YoY

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