convincing customers to look beyond the label

Premium products sometimes come at a premium. But when the other guys are using misleading sizing on the box to manipulate pricing, SPAX needed to educate dealers on the real costs to their customers.


the opportunity

With competing brands cutting corners on their sizing—and dealers and end-users none the wiser—SPAX needed a strategy to show why they should look beyond the label for quality.

the process

By crunching the numbers with the SPAX team, we uncovered hard facts to prove their brand sets the industry standard for quality and strength.

we delivered

A full campaign covering messaging, infographics, animations and a dedicated landing page to highlight all the ways SPAX pushes the limits of what a structural fastener can be.


for those who refuse to settle

A screw is a screw…right? When SPAX is part of the story, there’s so much more. From their true size guarantee to the relentless testing behind every new product, we uncovered the story of a team pushing the limits of what a structural fastener can be.

true transparency in every box

We helped SPAX name and market the Green Box Guarantee: their promise that the size customers see on the box is what they’ll get out of every fastener.


laying out the full story

The sales team needed an organized story they could leverage in conversations with dealers. We delivered a printable infographic that could be split into individual parts, and a landing page to drive interest.


bite-sized insights

We pulled out major takeaways and simmered them down into bite-sized gifs to share across all social channels.


trade show

taking it live

A new, modular booth launched the campaign and JLC Live 2021 where visitors could experience the difference and added performance benefits with hands-on demos. Mix-and-match features also let the team adapt to future shows across the country.

ready to be uncomfortable?

If you're ready to push beyond the status quo, we're ready to get to work.