making noise for a product that quiets

To get target audiences to notice its new line of designer acoustic tiles, Genesis Products wanted them to know their product delivers much more than sound absorption. Their visual appeal elevates interior spaces without escalating cost.


the challenge

Generate interest among architects, designers and builders for eco-friendly acoustic tiles that have opened new possibilities for bold designs with acoustical benefits.

our process

Create a smart, memorable name that intuitively conveys the product benefits. Then build out a fun, energetic product brand identity that complements the overall Genesis brand.

we delivered

Brand positioning and vision that boldly expresses the tiles’ design and noise reduction benefits, while building synergy across numerous launch elements.

product naming

Qwel checked all the boxes

Clear in its meaning and unique in its spelling, the Qwel name suggests both quiet and wellness in one modern and elegantly simple name. A memorable way to introduce and spark interest in the new brand.


design, meet affordability

When specifying acoustic tiles, the options had been high-end (read: expensive) acoustic tiles or traditional (read: cheap) flat tiles. Enter Qwel, with impressive style and performance at an attainable price point.

Brand Pillars

Brand Icons

Iconic graphic elements, capturing quieting themes such as diffusing, dimming, and dialing down, visually reinforce the brand’s acoustic benefits to end-users across various marketing materials.

We gave Interrupt the details and they created a value prop system that delivered on the benefits, resonates with our audience, and tells our story in a simple, yet eloquent way. Well done!

VP Marketing & Development

sample box

engaging the other senses

Mini versions of actual Qwel tiles provide architects the opportunity to touch and see the products in real life, building confidence in specifying them for projects.


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