connecting process to the bigger picture

We love the opportunity to uncover something great. Like an ownable, differentiated process that brings incredible value to our client’s business partners. While helping Kerkstra with their brand refresh, we helped them find a unique space in the market while building a plan for their aggressive growth goals.


The opportunity

Help Kerkstra, a Michigan-based precast concrete manufacturer, find its unique place in the industry to become a collaborative, go-to partner for their customers.

The Process

Through qualitative research and collaboration with their team, we helped uncover what Kerkstra offers that no one else does - a differentiated process that’s custom built around each project.

we delivered

Now Kerkstra has a defined brand identity that clearly conveys the intrinsic benefit of partnering with them as a complete structural solution.

leveraging the value of strong connections

From their products to their people, the core of Kerkstra is really rooted in the integrity of their connections. That’s how we developed their core purpose: Connecting with Integrity. We needed to convey how they integrate strength, confidence and reliability into everything they do.

brand pillars

brand pillars

taking a process to the next level through branding

During our conversations with their team, we discovered that precast is different than most products. And Kerkstra is different than most precast manufacturers. They manage every step of the process — from inception to installation. So, we said, hey — let’s brand this process and make it ownable. And now, it’s a huge differentiator that they can sell through engaging content like videos, interactive infographics and case studies.

visual identity

inspiring a stand out visual identity

We utilized the unique angles of the updated Kerkstra logo to inspire a visual grid that can be used across a wide variety of applications.

contributing essential housing to fast-growing business district

Planted in the center of Detroit’s bustling Central Business District, 28Grand is an eye-catching, 13-story, total precast concrete multifamily development. The 110,000 square feet structure houses 218 unique micro-lofts and was constructed in just five months with 1,700 pieces of precast — which was a big win for a team seeking a solution that fit within their strict timeline and location constraints.

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