leading with purpose to achieve brand zen

With recent acquisitions, Oldcastle APG had amassed an unrivaled breadth of outdoor building materials. But with no unifying story, this industry leader wasn't leveraging its full marketing potential. Each of its brands were successful individually, but they were missing a huge opportunity to own the whole project. We worked with Oldcastle APG to create an intuitive brand architecture that focuses on solutions, then connected its entire offering to a bigger message—the wellness benefits of spending more time outside.


the challenge

Translate a busy mix of product brands into an organized brand structure with a clear overarching story that adds value immediately and scales seamlessly for future growth.

our process

We explored the brands’ roles in the market and relationships to each other, gathered insights and challenged assumptions, then developed a range of solutions from step-change to truly transformative.

we delivered

A brand architecture rooted in purpose and structured for growth, brought to life through brand positioning and visual identity that feels fresh, focused and full of opportunity.


With dozens of brands and minimal structure, the full offering was hard for both internal and external audiences to grasp.
The new architecture organizes all brands according to purposeful solution-based categories.


brand pillars


Our homeowner research helped show how outdoor projects are connected, enabling our client to better cross-promote its products over time and increase the lifetime customer value.

selling solutions, not products

A sample ad from our vision boards shows how the paver and decking brands can be marketed together as outdoor flooring solutions.

random acts of wellness

Human-centered messaging emphasizes wellness and connection to nature, not just product features and benefits.

ready to be uncomfortable?

If you're ready to push beyond the status quo, we're ready to get to work.