Mud, made clear

If there’s one thing drywall finishers are picky about, it’s their “mud.” When Continental reformulated its full line of joint compound with plenty of customer input, we helped them get the word out.

CBP Badge - branding

the challenge

A new product plus other formulation updates meant ripple effects through the whole product line. We needed to promote specific changes to various products without muddying the overall message.

our process

We walked in the shoes of distributors, sales reps and customers to understand what matters to them, sniff out possible points of confusion and create an intuitive and customer-focused approach.

we delivered

We created a clear and concise sales cadence for the entire product line, brought it to life in a customer-centric sales playbook, and helped promote it with advertising, point-of-sale, wearables and more.

CBP branding - contractors

Adding a new formula had a domino effect on the product line. We helped re-organize the product hierarchy with clearly defined naming, packaging and positioning so that contractors can easily select the right product for the job.

CBP product packaging - branding
CBP branding - contractors

Sales Playbook with a Twist

Instead of a typical pocket-sized playbook, we created tabloid-sized version designed to work for both sales reps and customers alike. The large inside spread was perfect for showcasing the entire product line side by side.

The best communications are quick, concise and clear. So we whittled long lists of attributes into a
system of visual wayfinding that makes it simple to quickly compare and select products.

CBP Product Line-up - product packaging
CBP T-shirt - branding and design
CBP Exhibition Booth - branding

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