a new product launch that brings the heat

When Allied Air had an important new product to bring to market, they saw the perfect opportunity to re-think their entire launch process. With our help, they introduced the LYNX® 18 Inverter Heat Pump with a strategic—and dare we say, sexy—new approach that continues to bring the heat.


The opportunity

Transform the launch process by swapping out functional product data for a strategic approach that demonstrates the true benefits for the dealer—simpler, streamlined installs.

The Process

Understand the product, inside and out. Then bring benefits to life for all the right audiences through next-level imagery, storytelling and a carefully crafted media plan.

we delivered

A highly successful launch that “brought sexy back” to HVAC, drove impressive leads and sales and created a new model for product introductions that generate real excitement and revenue.


Direct, benefit-driven language is key to getting heard. We crafted a framework of product messaging that quickly helped dealers see how this product can help make them more successful.


ask for it by name

Model numbers don’t make for memorable names. To stand out in a crowded market, we gave the LYNX 18 a name that reflects its benefits—the agility to adapt to multiple applications and the speed a dealer gains on the job by using it. We also named the QuickLink Inverter Technology behind it—a nod to its smart, time-saving features.

QuickLink Inverter Technology uses intelligent algorithms to deliver a performance fit and fine-tuned temperature control with a wide range of existing indoor equipment

Renderings & Video

bringing sexy back

Photos of HVAC equipment usually aren’t very exciting—even when the engineering is. We used computer generated graphics with cinematic angles and high contrast lighting to create a performance video that gives the LYNX 18 the dramatic impact it deserves.

installer approved

We asked HVAC dealers to share their experience using LYNX on the job, for user videos with real-world credibility. Crisp screen graphics reinforce key points and visually connect to the brand.

I walked by [a major competitor’s] booth to get to yours, as I was very intrigued by this new LYNX technology. Very well done and great marketing.

HVAC Dealer at tradeshow

Sales Tools

Showroom Display

A lot of HVAC units look the same from the outside, so we wanted to show how LYNX was different inside. We created an oversized, magnetic graphic with a cutaway view to fit over a real unit, providing an inside look and key talking points that make it easy to see what sets LYNX apart.


High-impact infographics make the performance benefits hard to miss. We created printable versions for the installation, business benefits and in-home performance stories, then repurposed key elements everywhere.


marketing, social & pr

A launch needs hype and we brought it from every digital and print angle—including trade media, promotional emails, branded social content and a featured interview on a leading industry podcast.

The LYNX 18 launch has produced fantastic positive feedback from the field and customers. Interrupt always brings great insight and value, and challenges our assumptions in constructive ways that lead us to be better.

Marketing Director, Allied Air Enterprises

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