5 Creative Approaches That Evoke an Emotional Response

When marketing to consumers, it is important to take a look at the state of the world. This will help get into the consumer’s mindset and understand what will resonate with them. It is important not to get too comfortable in our B2B world.

Remember, whether B2B or B2C, we are all just consumers trying to do our best, do what’s right, navigate stresses and make a difference. At a time when negativity is featured on the news every day, we are all just trying to find some good. Google’s Year in Search 2018 showed the world’s desire to find good. People are gravitating towards positivity. Things that will make them feel better and make them feel like they can make an impact. As a marketer, you can’t just sell your product anymore; it is important to stand for something. You must have a personality that drives an emotional connection through storytelling.

make your brand the one everyone wants to get to know

1. Break the Mold: Kenzo World

Perfume ads. I’m sure you immediately picture a beautiful person roaming the desert or two lovers on the beach. Sometimes there’s a fancy car or a helicopter. A lot of times someone is swimming underwater or two beautifully-sculpted people are entwined in sheets. Everything in these ads evoke sex. They jump from random scene to random scene and no one ever understands what is happening. While the scenes are all different, almost all of these ads are the same.

A few years ago, Kenzo hired Spike Jonze, who finally helped them create a perfume commercial that is so exciting that it is impossible to look away. It has aggression and power that breaks the mold of every typical perfume commercial out there. There are even lasers! Need I say more?

2. Show Some Humility: KFC “FCK”

You know what makes you human? Making mistakes. And that’s OK as long as you learn from them and are willing to own up to them. Last year, KFC ran out of chicken. OMG! People were maaaad. They drove ALL the way to KFC and it was closed. (Can you hear my eyes rolling?) Anyway, we can all imagine the kind of panic that was happening within KFC’s walls. Through all the commotion, however, they created a reply that was a stroke of genius. They showed humility with a bit of humor. Here is a little secret. When everyone is laughing at you, laugh at yourself and they will naturally side with you.

KFC’s play on words is so fun, and we can all imagine this being a natural reaction when KFC found out they ran out of chicken.

3. Have Some Fun: Supercuts

Supercuts needed to change its persona to help separate themselves from the budget haircare salon category. They also wanted to speak to their predominantly-male clientele. Their recent advertisement is a pleasant surprise. Instead of featuring a person with a perfect head of hair like we see most of the time in hair advertising, they featured a hilarious, bald Michael Kelly. His cynical humor throughout the clip is fun and playful. The humor works so well because it is relatable.

This spot helps bring Supercuts in to a modern light. It makes Supercuts more approachable and makes you feel like you can trust them with your hair.

4. Keep it Simple: Apple Bounce

Apple has a way of being able to create a simple, pure idea. The use of practical effects within Apple AirPods’ recent promo shows the idea of movement effortlessly. The idea is simple; wireless headphones make it easy to move. It also promotes the emotional connection we have to music and how it can transport us anywhere.

Apple built a set with actual trampolines throughout a city, making post production much simpler. It wouldn’t look nearly as authentic as it does if this was created with digital effects during post production. The end result of this video is simply delightful.

5. Create Unlikely Partnerships: Snoop and Klarna

Partnerships can help open your brand to a wider audience. Especially if they are unlikely. Within the new Klarna promotions Snoop Dog has become Smoooth Dogg. The idea of Snoop Dog giving us financial advice is pretty surprising, but, man, does it work. Klarna promotes smooth payments using a spokesman whose entire identity is smooth. To add to the sweetness, Snoop Dog is even an investor. It is a great partnership that eliminates the stress of having to pay now, because you can pay later.

They didn’t just stop after developing this unique partnership. Snoop Dog and Klarna have also created a product collection that features the products used within their commercials. We can now buy gold-infused peanut butter for ourselves! What a great way to expand a campaign.

consider the consumer, tell your story

As we all start thinking about our marketing plans moving into next year, think about who your customers are as people. Think about their pain points with your customer experience but also within their daily life. Tell a story with your brand that shows you care about the personal success of each and every customer you have. I encourage everyone to try something unexpected.

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