success beyond the desk

New construction is booming, but labor shortages continue to challenge the industry. Vinyl Siding Institute decided to take the problem head on, enlisting our expertise to battle misconceptions with facts and arm the industry with the tools to grow and retain a strong construction workforce.


the opportunity

With roughly 800k jobs to be filled by 2024, there’s no better time for the industry to start battling negative perceptions and show the limitless possibilities available in construction.

our process

What pushes young adults, veterans and career-transitioning professionals alike away from construction careers? We unearthed compelling data to help craft targeted messages to our highest impact audiences.

we delivered

A 360º approach, integrating magnetic storytelling, in-person events and a social media bootcamp for small businesses, forging new partnerships for VSI and reaching thousands of new candidates.

for those who don’t fit the mold

An ode to pursuing the path that’s calling, this video allows tomorrow’s workforce to imagine vinyl siding as the perfect career to make an impact—unleashing the genius in their hands.


shifting perceptions with focused messaging

Not everyone is seeking for the same reasons. Armed with iron-clad facts & figures, we created a new online destination with content tailor-made to resonate with each of our highly targeted audiences to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time.



taking opportunity on tour

Imagine a training in which new trainees walk out and into a local job fair, ready to be hired. That’s exactly what we created for VSI. We designed and helped implement a series of training and job fairs events across the country in key markets, from St. Louis to Washington D.C. and more.

The journey we set out on was that of a path less traveled. I feel like this is where they thrive. The Interrupt Team asked the tough questions, pushed me to think for the industry and wasn’t afraid to pivot when changes needed to be made.

Rob Balfanz, Director, Workforce Development


delivering the facts

Young adults considering their future careers presented the biggest opportunity to the vinyl siding workforce. So, we gathered up the insights we uncovered and delivered a highly targeted campaign to drive inquiries for certified installer training, traffic to job postings and results for VSI.

social media bootcamp

Recruitment, reputation management and building a company culture that retains talent were just a few of the topics we covered to help members and small businesses connect to candidates and strengthen their workforces.

ready to be uncomfortable?

If you're ready to push beyond the status quo, we're ready to get to work.