Company Giveback: Going Green with Toledo GROWs

Another volunteer mission complete! Donating time to our community is one way we stay involved, not only with the wonderful organizations doing good work in our city, but also with each other as a team.

“We were covered in dirt and full of gratitude for such a hard-working org.” –Sara Syrek, Senior Art Director

For our latest company giveback, we headed out of the office and into the dirt (the community garden dirt). Weeding and seed sorting, we made our thumbs as green as possible for a couple days in September by partnering with Toledo GROWs.

“I believe you build a better community inside your organization when you extend yourself to the outside community,” said Interrupt CEO Bill Rossiter. “We are really inspired by the work of Toledo GROWs and had a blast spending some of our work days with them.”

The grassroots group’s mission is to support local gardens in the city and create a ripple effect of improved neighborhoods, health and connection. Toledo GROWs supports more than 125 community gardens in the area, at schools, faith-based orgs and more. They make sure gardeners have everything they need, from seeds to tools, to create a vibrant community space that’s sustainable.

Check out some of the benefits of community gardens—they're incredible!—and learn more by visiting or by learning about similar groups in your own city.

Benefits of community gardens:

  • Transform neglected spaces into safe, beautiful gardens
  • Connect urban dwellers back to the land and nature
  • Provide wholesome, nutritious and economical food
  • Reduce crime and blight
  • Promote the creation and use of green space
  • Create positive community development

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