#SquadGoals: Our Company Trip to Mackinac Island

We came. We saw. We conquered. Check out the travel tips (and photos) from our team-building trip to northern Michigan to see the “Best Island in the Continental U.S.” according to Travel & Leisure.

We take team building seriously.

Like sharing-a-bus-for-four-hours seriously.

Like spending-two-days-straight-together seriously.

After two years of socially distanced working, the team was overdue for some quality time together in a more relaxed setting.

“We do offsite team building because first it provides time to de-stress and get to know your teammates in a different way,” said Interrupt CEO Bill Rossiter. “And I believe that stronger working relationships not only drive a better culture, but also create a stronger environment for debate and innovative thinking. Most importantly, I just love hanging with this group of people.”

For our most recent outing, we headed north to Mackinac Island, land of horse-drawn carriages, sip ‘n sail cruise ships and fudge that sticks to the roof of your mouth.

Here are some of our favorite highlights from our trip. If you're looking for a getaway destination for yourself or your team, we highly recommend it.

“The ultimate team bonding was when a group of us spontaneously ditched our bikes for an unexpected (and cold-ass) dip in Lake Huron.” —Emily Johnson, Senior Account Executive


Bicycle Street Inn & Suites

Things To Do

  • Biking
  • Hiking
  • Horseback riding
  • Paddle boarding/kayaking
  • Walk/jog around the island
  • Porch sitting at the world-famous Grand Hotel
  • Sip ‘n sail cruises
  • Horse-drawn carriage rides
  • Fudge tasting

Restaurant We Loved

The Yankee Rebel Tavern

Best Place for a Drink

Woods Patio

Fun Mackinac Facts

  • No cars allowed (only horses and bikes)
  • The distance around the island is 8.2 miles
  • 70+ miles of trails in Mackinac Island State Park
  • There are 1,489 bicycles for rent
  • 600 horses live on the island
  • Grand Hotel’s front porch is the longest in the world at 660 ft
  • 1600+ unique hotel, resort, B&B, condos and cottages
  • 500 year-round residents
  • 10 tons of sugar imported weekly to make fudge

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