Don’t Sell Me, Inspire Me

2014 was the first year for the Cleveland Home + Remodeling Expo, which was held at the recently finished Cleveland Convention Center. The Expo was touted as being a showcase for new and innovative trends and products in home remodeling and design.

Taking place just weeks after the Cleveland Home and Garden show, the Home + Remodeling Expo was aimed at those looking to tackle serious renovation projects. With speakers such as Ty Pennington, Nicole Curtis and Ramsin Khachi, as well as over 220 exhibitors, the Cleveland Expo had much to offer those looking for options in improving their homes. As someone who is not in the market for new kitchen cabinets, garage floor or attic insulation, however, the show felt a bit sales heavy. Walking around the Convention Center felt more like I was at a used car dealership than a showcase of what my home could be transformed into. Similar to Interrupt’s experience at the IBS Show in Las Vegas several weeks ago, the Cleveland Expo was missing an emotional presence and any form of inspiration.

The collection of such a number of surrounding-area remodeling professionals and building material companies was undoubtedly useful for those wanting to touch, feel and compare products they are considering for use in their home. It was a treat to walk through the brand new Convocation Center for a show that has been absent in Cleveland more than 15 years, a sure sign of a turn-around for both Cleveland and the remodeling industry. Next year, however, I hope that vendors attempt to make a stronger connection with homeowner attendees through the inspiration their products/services can deliver to their homes, versus the hard self-serving sales pitch they currently deliver.

Photo credit: Patrishe

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