recap: 2019 international roofing expo nashville

IRE 2019, the industry’s largest roofing event, saw its highest attendance numbers in years when it rolled into Nashville this past February.

The location was easily accessible and the city offered plenty to see and do. As far as the expo itself, Music City Center’s sold out floor space was filled with innovative solutions and buzz-worthy product booths

music city roofing hits

  • heavy metal There was a heavy metal presence in Music City, but it was of the roofing sort instead of the musical variety. Metal roofing continues to expand out from its original standing seam form to mimic more traditional roofing options like shake, shingle, and barrel tile. Best practices for installation and code compliance were hot seminar topics.
  • synthesizing synthetic – Another prominent product featured at this year’s IRE was synthetic underlayment. Synthetic continues to grow in popularity due to its ability to outperform felt in safety, speed, and durability.
  • demo reelPerformance data is an important tool in most industries today and roofing is certainly no exception. Proof of great product features through both data and demonstration was prevalent throughout the show.
  • show-stopping performance IRE 2019 saw quite a bit of focus on the interdependent nature of roofing. Even builders presented on the difference whole-system integration makes when it comes to roof performance. From decking to flashing to venting and insulation, every component counts.
  • roofing show biz Business growth was another hot topic at IRE 2019 with a wealth of information and support being shared throughout by various suppliers. Going paperless, employee recruitment, and HR were areas of interest to owners. The selling and management of business has changed, and business owners are determined to change with it.
  • spotlight on lifestyle A newer emphasis in the roofing industry is the part lifestyle plays in marketing roofing to homeowners. Style, comfort, and contentment as an end product of quality roofing was widely on display throughout the expo.

That’s it for the International Roofing Expo 2019, but IRE 2020 will be here before we know it. Stayed tuned for the 133rd edition of the industry’s biggest show happening February 4-6, 2020 in Dallas, TX.

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