Behaviors Change in a Changing World

The impact of COVID-19 is currently affecting every industry across the country. Everyone is dealing with a degree of uncertainty.

Driving Engagement in the Digital Marketplace

Now that there is more physical distance between us, the digital space is the connector. Therefore, digital has become an even more important place to focus your team’s efforts in order to bridge the gap and connect with customers.

In this new, work from home world, we’re all navigating digital much more. Internet usage has now surged by 50-70% (Forbes). Business strategies are changing every day. Adaptability and fully utilizing digital connectivity have become critical capabilities.

Email engagement rates are up. It’s time to get in front of your customers via email to build and maintain brand awareness. Do so strategically rather than incessantly. Let customers know how to easily obtain your knowledge, support or products during this stay-at-home period.

The way we interact and shop is evolving to fit consumer expectations, as well as the circumstances we face. Millions of people are sitting at home in front of their computers. It’s smart to shift digital marketing to the center of your business strategy. Previously, email marketing, social, and chatboxes were merely “supportive” aspects of a larger marketing plan, these elements are now imperative for your brand.

One of the most important things you can do right now is to simplify the online process for your customers so they can easily and directly stay in contact. First, make sure those channels are easily searchable and running smoothly, even with higher traffic. Make it easy for customers to contact you online. If you don’t have a chatbox on your website, consider adding one. Use social media messaging and comments sections to stay in touch with customers and show that you’re open for business. Reassuring your customers by letting them know you are there for them and that you are prepared to connect and address their requests through multiple digital channels helps bring value to your brand and their customer experience.

This is not the time to be reactive, your digital strategies must shift to better fit the current reality. In this business lull, use your resources to audit your company’s digital channels and look for areas where you can improve messaging, use more impactful visuals, and increase accessibility. Proactively come up with new ways to address your customers’ needs. Consider examining and adjusting your strategies frequently. Put yourself in your customers’ position and think about why they should continue to be loyal to your brand and what solutions you can offer that would attract new customers now.

People have multiple things they are managing now — taking care of children who are now at home, keeping family members safe, paying bills, all in addition to being vigilant about their own health. Let them know you are aware of these personal and business concerns and are there to support them. Email marketing should address relevant information that your customers need during this tough time and how your team or offerings can best address those needs. Make specific team members accountable to check in with your customers and ask how you can help. Use your outside sales reps now as inside reps, calling on their usual customers as well as those customers they don’t connect with as often.

If you give customers what they want online, you will stand out from the crowd. Effective email marketing, social media, website optimization, and video calls are now necessary to keep things moving. Different digital approaches showcase what your company has to offer. Through a video series or a virtual tour, you can creatively differentiate your business. With the increase in traffic on the Internet, it is also a good time to write blog articles and other content that adds value for your customers, solidifying your brand’s value through thought leadership to keep you top of mind.

Your filter should be to think about how you can create a better customer experience. Be honest and helpful. Don’t push your products at this time, instead offer knowledge, solutions, and be available to lend an ear when needed. Your customers will appreciate sincere engagement and concern when you work hard at anticipating what they want. Show your customers you are the best partner in this ever-changing economic landscape. The digital world is the place to declare just that.

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