five in five with cara andres, senior account executive

Cara Andres may be a new member of Interrupt, but she’s a veteran of the industry. Since her swift transition from university to the world of advertising, Cara has worked with clients across industries, including Arby’s, UPS and DIRECTV. She joined our team as senior account executive to bring her B2C insights to the world of B2B.

We put Cara in the Five in Five* spotlight to learn more about the important stuff (like what she’s currently streaming on Netflix).

what would be something people would be surprised to know about you?

I became a California girl for two years, living in L.A. a half mile from the beach in Playa del Rey. I was working with marketing company BrandMuscle at the time, which gave me the opportunity to live on the West Coast. I loved the weather, the outdoor activities and the beach bike path they had. It was amazing to be able to hop on your bike and go to Marina del Rey.

where did you grow up?

I’m from Swanton, Ohio. I lived in Cleveland for a long time, as well as L.A., but when I met my husband it just made sense for me to move to Perrysburg, where he lives and the city I now call home.

what’s one of your favorite things to do since moving back to Ohio?

I love going to breweries. We’ve done great weekend trips in the area, spending weekends in Ann Arbor, Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Traverse City. The craft brewery scene is really interesting to me, and I love trying different kinds to find my favorite.

would that make you a beer snob?

I only really like IPA so I guess that does makes me a beer snob! I like the craftsman culture of non-mass produced beer.

final question: what’s one of your favorite TV shows?

The “Walking Dead” was really good. My husband tried for two years to get me to watch it, and I kept refusing. Once I finally gave in, I couldn’t stop!

*Disclaimer: It may have taken us (way) longer than five minutes to have the conversation. But it shouldn’t take you longer than five minutes to read it, so we think it still counts.